Tar sands Tar sands oil is the most devastating fuel in commercial production and should be blocked from the European market

3 December 2015

Europe must close its doors to tar sands if it is to avoid climate catastrophe, say European and Canadian environmental organisations in a new report published today. As the international climate talks in Paris continue, the new Canadian government continues to back the tar sands, which will undermine global efforts to tackle climate change.

25 November 2015

Two thirds of Europe's oil refineries are ready to process ultra-high carbon tar sands, one of the most environmentally devastating fuels in production, according to a comprehensive report on Europe's refining industry released today.

Tar sands oil is the most devastating fuel in commercial production today, producing three to five times more climate changing emissions than conventional fossil fuels. The pollution and deforestation from tar sands does irreversible ecological damage, kills wildlife and threatens indigenous communities.


The global development of tar sands will magnify the climate crisis, damage the environment and hinder development objectives. Yet European companies want to exploit tar sands deposits around the globe. Friends of the Earth Europe is working to stop all new tar sands projects and to prevent this harmful fuel entering the European market.

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