The regions – a place for biodiversity and adaptation to climate change

Cohesion Policy funding should be directed towards measures that stop biodiversity loss. Money should be used for restoring habitats. The funding should not finance measures that add to biodiversity decline.

EU funds should be invested in 'green' infrastructures. They should not only be used for hard, physical 'grey' infrastructure.

To protect biodiversity, Cohesion funding should specifically contribute to the financing and management of Natura 2000 protected sites. Funding should help the European Union's objectives to halt biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystem services. EU funds have to avoid the provision of biodiversity harmful subsidies and harmful projects with negative impacts on ecosystems.

Taking into account possible pressures on the environment coming from other investments, for example in transport infrastructure, mechanisms must be applied to avoid investments which harm biodiversity being co-financed by European taxpayers.